Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Top 10 Smartest Asia/Pacific Cities

How do we define the phrase of "smart cities"? Boyd Cohen, a urban and climate strategist, has created a Smart Cities Wheel which look at 6 different components of the cities to determine their smartness. The components are,
(1) Smart economy
(2) Smart environment
(3) Smart government
(4) Smart living
(5) Smart mobility
(6) Smart people

Using data from several sources, including Mercer Quality of Living report, the Siemens Green City Index, Rutgers, etc, Cohen comes up with the top 10 Asia/Pacific smart city rankings.
  1. Hong Kong
  2. Singapore
  3. Seoul
  4. Tokyo
  5. Auckland
  6. Sydney
  7. Kuala Lumpur
  8. Taipei
  9. Shanghai
  10. Osaka
Hong Kong topped the list for its multiple government-funded universities, high rate of transit rides per capita, overall ICT use, and Octopus - a smart card system that residents can use to pay for schools, parking, transit, and more. Singapore came in second for a number of smart and green features, including a clean and efficient public transportation system and extensive use of rainwater capture.

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