Saturday, February 2, 2013

Solar Panel's Efficiency Breakthrough Thanks To Holographic Technique

Germany-based company Apollon GmbH & Co. KG and USA-based company Solar Bankers LLC announced that they have developed a new technique to incorporate a holographic foil into silicon-based solar panel that will double the efficiency and also manufacturable in USA or Germany with production cost lower than conventional solar panels manufactured in China.

With the new holographic technique they have achieved 28% of efficiency, as compared to commercial available solar panels of efficiency less than 20%. The holographic foil will act like a concentrated lens to focus 20- to 30-times more sunlight on the surface of the cell thereby increasing power output. The foil also acts as a filter to selectively allowing desirable wavelengths of sunlight to arrive the cell's surface which eliminates the overheating issue faced by conventional concentrated technologies.

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