Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Study Indicates That BPA Isn't So bad After All

On 25th Feb. 2014, I talked about the exposure to BPA during baby time may increase the chance of prostate cancer, and most of the time we heard about BPA is about the "evil effects" it has on our health.

New study carried out by U.S.A. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shows that BPA is safe as currently use.

BPA has received a lot of attention because the chemical leaches out of many products. FDA has been working with National Institutes of Health to see if there are any effects from the low-level exposure.

In their most recent study, the researchers exposed rats to BPA starting a few days after conception and continuing through sexual maturity. Doses ranged from about 70 times the amount that Americans typically get through their diet to millions of times.

Even when rats got more than 70,000 times what a typical American ingests, there was no change in body weight, reproductive organs or hormone levels. It was only when exposures were millions of times higher then scientists saw changes like those caused by the body's own sex hormones.

To double-check the results, the scientists also looked at how BPA was interacting with estrogen receptors — the part of a cell that usually responds to estrogen. And once again it was only the highest doses that produced interactions.

The results bolster previous studies by government researchers showing that people's exposure to BPA is lower than previously estimated and that the human body is really good at inactivating and eliminating BPA.

My 2-cent opinion: Anything in excessive amount is bad. I guess if one can reduce the exposure to BPA then no harm to do so. But no need to try till the extend of living in an astringent life.

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