Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Battery Made From Cotton

Battery has become an essential thing in our life. Ranging from cellphones, power banks, electric and hybrid cars, emergency lighting, etc, are all powered by battery, like lithium-ion battery. Of course, lithium-ion battery has it downside. It is expensive, runs hot and even causing fire, takes long time to charge and has limited charge-cycles, and acts as hazardous waste when disposes.

A new start-up called Power Japan Plus (you can tell it is from Japan) has come out with a revolutionary battery made from cotton. YOU ARE RIGHT! Cotton, the raw material of the fabric of your cloth. The new battery is called "Ryden".

Power Japan Plus has modified the cotton fibers to create a new type of carbon fiber to form the anode and cathode of the Ryden battery and an organic fluid is used as an electrolyte. So, practically the whole battery is made up of organic components.

What is the advantages of "Ryden"?
(1) it charges 20x faster than lithium-ion battery.
(2) it has over 3,000 charge and discharge cycles comparing to only few hundred to thousand cycles for lithium-ion battery.
(3) easy to manufacture as it doesn't use any rare metals.
(4) it doesn't run hot.
(5) fully recyclable.

Power Japan Plus expects to manufacture up to 5,000 Ryden batteries this year as part of a pilot run, so it could still be many years before we see the breakthrough tech implemented into electronic gadgets and cars.

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