Friday, March 15, 2013

Solar Island

Nolaris, Switzerland, is a company providing small to medium-scale (20 – 200 meters diameter) tracking platforms “Solar Islands” for solar installations.

Nolaris is joining force with Swiss energy company Viteos to build 3 solar islands in Lake Neuchâte, Switzerland. The floating man-made island has a diameter of 25 meters, makes out of plastic and steel platforms that will rotate with the sun. An array of 100 PV panels with total power of 33 kW will be installed on the island. Estimated every year could generate 37,100 kWh of electricity.

Nolaris solar island has couple advantages over land-based PV system. They are:
  • The sun tracking is achieved by simple rotation of the entire island thus avoiding the costs of motorizing each solar receiver when builds on land.
  • Solar island can serve a dual purpose, generating energy while reducing water evaporation and thus water loss when builds on dry area like desert.
Nolaris has provided an unique solution to clients with limited or expensive land space. Soon we might see this unique scene around our river.

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