Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How Rich Would You Be If You’d Bought Apple Shares Instead Of A PowerBook In 2003?

The Next Web co-founder, Patrick de Laive, has been working out how wealthy he’d have been if he’d bought Apple shares instead of a shiny new 17″ PowerBook G4 back in 2003, which cost US$3,299 then. His answer turns out to be he would have been US$216,678 richer today.

This is my calculation:
In 2003, each Apple share cost US$7.57. PowerBook G4's price in 2003 would be able to buy 436 Apple shares. Yesterday (28 May, 2013), Apple share closed at US$441.44 so the 436 shares would have value of US$192,468 or RM555,182.

Hmmmm... so what is the next wave? Samsung, HTC... or Apple again?

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