Thursday, September 12, 2013

2013 World's Livable Cities Ranking

The Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) has published a report on the liveability of 140 cities across the globe. The ranking puts cities in Australia, Canada, Austria, Finland and New Zealand as the ideal destinations, thanks to a widespread availability of goods and services, low personal risk, and an effective infrastructure. It does not take into account the cost of living as a factor in 'liveability.'

The ranking criteria are based on 30 factors across 5 categories:

(1) Stability (weight 25%).
(2) Healthcare (weight 20%).
(3) Culture and environment (weight 25%).
(4) Education (weight 10%).
(5) Infrastructure (weight 20%).

Below table shows the top and bottom 10 livable cities in the report.

Kuala Lumpur, capital city of my country Malaysia, is ranked 78th this year, which is not much changing from the last 2 years (78th in 2011 & 77th in 2012).

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