Monday, December 2, 2013

3-D Printed Toothbrush Cleans Your Teeth In Just 6 Seconds

Blizzident is a new company that will tailor-make toothbrush for your teeth using 3-D printing technology. Simply biting and grinding, the dense field of bristles will clean all your teeth in 6 seconds.

To get a Blizzident brush, you go to the dentist, get a dental impression of your teeth and then send the data to a dental laboratory, where it will generate a digital 3-D model that can then be turned into a toothbrush.


Of course, this toothbrush doesn't come in cheap! Each will cost US$299 and will only last for 1 year. A replacement costs between US$ 89 (refurbished) and US$ 159 (brand-new).

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