Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Candy Crush's Maker - King Digital Entertainment Is Going IPO

A lot of people might not know about King Digital Entertainment (KDE), but when I say Candy Crush game then most of us will know or even played or playing. KDE is the maker of the popular game Candy Crush and it is going IPO, or going to be listed in the U.S.A. stock market.

Unlike 68% of the IPOs, KDE actually is already a very profitable company. Below are some of its performances:

(1) 2013 revenue US$1.3 billion.
(2) 2013 profit US$567.6 million, 7,000% surge from US$7.8 million in 2012.
(3) 2013 average monthly users 408 million, 508% increase from a year ago.

KDE makes most of its money from the 12 million monthly unique users that purchase virtual goods from the company, which accounts for about 4% of all users.

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