Monday, February 17, 2014

Food Poisoning That Can Be Transmitted Thru Sex

2 men went to vacation in Bahamas 25 years ago suffered from food poisoning after a seafood dinner. Few hours after dinner, the men started having stomach pains and diarrhea. Their legs began to tingle and burn. And their sense of temperature went haywire: Ice felt hot while fire felt cool.

All the while, their wives were completely fine - until they had sex with their hubbies. For several weeks, the women had terrible pain and burning in their pelvis.

Doctors hypothesized that the men passed the poison along to their wives through their semen, as writing in the journal Clinical Toxicology. The poison caused the strange foodborne illness is known as Ciguatera Fish Poisoning. It will open up a little holes in our nerves, triggering an array of crazy symptoms like:

- reversal of how you experience temperature
- vertigo
- the sensation that your teeth are falling out
- dyspareunia (painful sex)
- hallucination
The ciguatoxin is produced by a single-celled protozoan that sticks to algae on tropical reefs, then feed to the large, predator fish, and at the end eaten by us.

There's no cure for the poisoning. One treatment can reduce the symptoms, but it must be given within 3 days of ingestion. Otherwise, you will be stuck with the strange neurological problems for a few weeks.

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