Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Most Efficient Semiconductor Device Triples Waste Heat Conversion

About half of the energy used today ends in form of waste heat. According to MicroPower Global if partial of the waste heat could be recaptured than we stand a good chance to lower down the overall energy use. Currently, MicroPower is developing the "world's most efficient semiconductor chip" that can direct convert heat-to-energy with triple the conversion efficiency than current market available technologies.

MicroPower’s device combines the best aspects of thermoelectrics and thermionics. It is said to not only operate at significantly lower temperature ranges, but to also hit an absolute efficiency rate of 18% at temperatures between 200˚C and 600˚C, comparing to current thermoelectric products deliver an efficiency rate of 5%.

Although the energy savings using MicroPower technology might only reach 10%, the overall impact on the world could be significant, as Max Lewinsohn, the company's CEO, related to Renewable Energy Magazine:
"If every heat engine in the world – every power plant, industrial plant, car, plane, etc. – could be made 10% more energy efficient, it would save an enormous amount of money and fuel – the latter being crucial as it would enable us to make better use of the limited resources we currently have at our disposal. This could play a crucial role in giving alternative forms of energy – solar, wind, geothermal, etc. – more time to develop and become commercially viable by the time we really do start running out of fossil fuels."
So, MicroPower could be the real game-changer in today energy crisis situation.

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