Friday, July 26, 2013

New User-Friendly Software To Compare Climate Change Data Of World's Countries

The World Resources Institute has developed a web-based app called CAIT 2.0 which allows users to quickly comparing the total emissions, emission by gases and sectors, and to look up figures in absolute terms, per capita and by year-on-year change, of the world's 186 countries.

It is user-friendly and I have created a comparison chart of 2010 total carbon emission and emission per capita (excluding LUCF- land use change and forestry) of the 10 countries in South-East Asia. Clearly can be seen that Indonesia has the highest total carbon emission, this is because it has the highest population. When come to emission per capita Brunei ranks highest and Singapore seconds, my country Malaysia actually in the third place. Comparing to the GDP per capita, Singapore is highest, Brunei second and Malaysia third in South-East Asia. This should contribute to the high GHG per capita.

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