Thursday, June 20, 2013

Battery Made From Wood

Researchers from Maryland University, USA, have come up with a bold idea of new battery material. The new battery composed of a sliver of wood coated with tin. It has shown promise for being compact and tiny, long-lasting, efficient and environmentally friendly energy storage. The team thinks that this wood-based batteries would be best suited for large-scale energy storage due to the relatively low cost of the materials involved.

The idea was inspired by wood fibers from trees are supple and naturally designed to hold mineral-rich water, which is very similar to the electrolyte in batteries. Using wood sliver also helps to solve the problem of today's sodium-ion batteries often use stiff, non-flexible substrates, which are too rigid to release the stress that occurs as ions flow through the battery.

The wood battery has already shown itself to be rather promising. It has successfully lasting through a full 400 charge-discharge cycles.

Commercializing this technology doesn't seem to be hard as none of the materials involved are very expensive and the manufacturing doesn’t seem as though it would be very expensive either.

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