Wednesday, June 5, 2013

World's First Green Library For Children Opened In Singapore

The world’s first green library for children, My Tree House, was opened on 31 May 2013 at the Central Public Library. The library was jointly developed by the National Library Board and listed-developer City Development Limited. The goal is to encourage children to explore, discover and challenge their curiosity in learning and caring for the environment.

The library design incorporated energy-efficient LED lighting, refurbished bookshelves and sustainable carpets. The canopy of the treehouse in the library is made from more than 3,000 recycled plastic bottles collected from the public.

My Tree House contains 45,000 books, with 30% of them cover green topics including animals, plants, nature, water resources, weather, environment, recycling and climate change.

Children at My Tree House can learn about the environment through a multi-sensory experience, which includes a ‘knowledge tree’ which is a shadow play wall and children can interact with it to learn about the environment and energy conservation.
They can also discover more about Singapore's temperature, rainfall and wind speed life through The Weather Stump.

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