Friday, June 7, 2013

USA Saved US$675 Million In Electricity Bill By Switching To LEDs In 2012

USA's Department of Energy (DOE) has released a report on the saving in 2012 by switching to  LEDs in 9 lighting markets. The report also estimates the potential savings if these markets switched to LEDs overnight.

The 9 markets analyzed included: 

(1) Four indoor lamp applications (A-type, directional, MR-16, and decorative).
(2) Three indoor luminaire applications (downlight, troffer, and high-bay).
(3) Two outdoor luminaire applications (streetlight and parking lot/garage).

In 2012, the above 9 markets have:

(1) switched 49 million of LED lamps and luminaires.
(2) saved 71 trillion Btu (or 20.8 GWh) of electricity.
(3) saved US$675 million of electricity cost.

In addition, if these 9 markets switched to LEDs overnight, annual electricity savings could approach 3,873 trillion Btu (or 1,135 GWh), saving nearly US$37 billion in annual electricity costs. This amount represents approximately half of the total national lighting energy consumption in 2012.

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