Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Solar Power

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. What is for solar power?

(1) Reduce global warming.
(2) Save society billions and trillions of dollars from damages caused by global warming.
(3) Save your pocket as a lot of governments are mandating utility companies to buy back solar energy at premium tariff.
(4) Provide energy security as the Sun is free and can't be turned into a monopoly. No worry of fuel price hike and shortage.
(5) Provide energy independence as once installed, user never have to worry about future increase in energy generation cost.
(6) Create jobs as same money invested in solar power creates 2 to 3 times more job opportunities than coal and gas power.
(7) Solve utility peak demand issues as the solar power system performs best during noon time (when the Sun shines best) when electricity demands are at the peak.
(8) Require lower maintenance as solar system has no moving components like turbine and motor.
(9) Install capacity is flexible as user can install as small as few hundred watts to few kW in their rooftop, to MW of power-plant scale.

(1) No 24 hours operation as solar system only works when the Sun rises.
(2) Lower or no output during cloudy or rainy day.
(3) Higher upfront investment.

Clearly it can be seen that solar power actually possesses more advantages than disadvantages. In the long run it is better to invest in solar energy than fossil fuels. Of course, this is just my 2-cent opinion.

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