Thursday, October 24, 2013

How Effective Are Those Antibacterial Soaps?

Actually antibacterial soap doesn't make your hands any cleaner. According to Dr. Carly Stewart, medical expert at Money Crashers, regular soap is just as effective as antibacterial soap in killing germs. Furthermore, bacteria can become resistant to the antibacterial agents in these products, which can make it more difficult to kills these bugs down the line.

Antibacterial cleaners work as they leave a surface residue after being rinsed or wiped away. This residue is supposed to continue killing bacteria afterwards, but it can also foster the growth of resistant bacteria, which are stronger and harder to kill than the original bacteria.

A common ingredient called Triclosan contained in antibacterial products is a probable carcinogen. It has been linked to miscarriages, bladder cancer, thyroid problems, and impaired cellular function.

When come to washing your hands, a plain old bar soap is the way to go. Soap helps to loosen dirt, oil, and microbes on your hands so they can be rinsed away by water. Don't worry too much about the soap at your disposal. Just take the suggested 20 seconds and make sure you scrub all parts of your hands thoroughly.

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