Friday, October 4, 2013

New Laser-Based Lighting Device, Alternative To LED Lighting

LED emerges as an efficient and energy-saving alternative to conventional incandescent or fluorescent light sources for meeting the ever-escalating demand for more lighting in more places and to improve the bulbs used in sports stadiums, car headlights and street lamps.

With all the advantages, LED is also facing a challenge that its efficiency falls as operating current rises, making it too hot to power in large-scale applications.

Researchers at University of California, Santa Barbara, led by material scientists Kristin A. Denault and Michael Cantore, have come out with an alternative to LED technology using laser diode, combining with inorganic phosphors, to create high-power white light source.

The laser-based lighting devices are high in efficiency and high in performance metrics, according to the study. The team used 2 methods to create white light.

(1) Using blue laser diode and yellow-emitting phosphor powder.

(2) Using a near-ultra-violet laser diode and a combination of red-, green-, and blue-emitting phosphors.

With these technologies, the team is able to achieve variety of other color temperatures with high color rendition, broadening the range of applications for these new lights.

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