Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cellulose - Tomorrow High-Tech Material

CelluForce is developing a new type of material, which is sustainable, biodegradable and biocompatible nanomaterial, called nanocellulose. This lightweight material is composed of bundled sugar chains from the cell walls of wood.

There are huge potential for nanocellulose. It could replace petroleum-based plastics, use as windows or electronic displays, build sensors to monitor structures for signs of stress. Applying to food packaging, nanocellulose could keep contents from spoiling by blocking oxygen penetration. Nanocellulose scaffolds implanted in the body might aid bone regeneration.

By adding nanocellulose to paper manufacturers could produce lighter and stronger sheets. Nanocellulose helps to reduce conventional ingredients added to paper thereby reducing materials and cost. Reduce energy to manufacture thereby lower down carbon footprint of the manufacturing process.

Best of all, the raw material for these materials is cheap and endlessly renewable,whether it comes from trees, straw, or even bacteria.

Source: Nanocellulose Is No Small Thing

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