Friday, December 21, 2012

Update On Malaysia Feed-In-Tariff Scheme

Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) of Malaysia announced on November of some new rules of RE quota application and new solar FiT quota and degression rates.

SEDA plans to release 20 MW of solar quota for photovoltaic (PV) installation < 500 kW in Q1 2013. This release was previously scheduled for 17th December 2012 but been postponed. SEDA also mentioned that more solar quota will be announced for installation < 5 MW in Q1 2013 if sufficient fund becomes available.

Another significant change proposed by SEDA is a new "2-year moratorium period". This rule is to prevent any of the feed-in approval holder (FIAH) with revoked feed-in approval to immediate re-apply for RE quota. Under this new rule the moratorium would suspend quota applications by any company with a subsidiary, holding company or shareholder who is a revoked FIAH.

The new proposed rule will also set the quota cap limit of any company to 30 MW. To prevent certain parties for setting multiple companies and hogging the quota, SEDA proposed to limit each shareholder to only can apply up to 5 MW.

SEDA also proposed to adjust the solar FiT degression rate. Changes are shown on the table below.


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