Thursday, December 13, 2012

Use Air And Water To Make Gasoline

It is no longer a fairy tale to make fuel just from air and water!

Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS) uses renewable energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into synthetic hydrocarbon fuels. They are using a process similar to photosynthesis in plants. These fuels provide an alternative to substitute fossil fuels for transportation, including renewable aviation fuel which is hard to obtain from other non-fossil sources.

Oil is basically made from carbon and hydrogen. Carbon is in the air in the form of carbon dioxide and hydrogen can be found in water. AFS integrates a range of technologies using components either off the shelf or from existing demonstration models. The fuels generated will be sustainable and clean, and contain no harmful elements like sulfur found in conventional fossil gasoline.

It will be a while before this new technology can be commercialized. Currently, AFS is now focusing to develop a five-liter-per-day demo system at Wilton, UK, and developing a business plan which will help the company implement its concept worldwide.

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