Saturday, December 29, 2012

ZEV Launches Electric Scooters

ZEV (Z Electric Vehicle) launches a series of electric scooters, with the entry-model of ZEV 2400 & 2700. Thety priced at US$2,565 and US$2,745 for 2400 & 2700 model, respectively. The entry-level model was designed for commuters live in urban or small city environment who does not need high speed or long ranges to cruise around. But the scooter still allows rider to be able to carry big loads and use the scooter as a car substitute.

ZEV scooters are available in the UK, Poland, the Philippines, Bermuda, the Netherlands, the US, and Australia.

ZEV 2400 & 2700 features:
  • Dual Controllers
  • Dual stator motor (individually controllable stators)
  • Battery 20 Ah silicate/lead battery
  • Voltage 72 volt (2700) / 60 volt (2400)
  • Range: 65 km (2700) / 51 km (2400) @ 40 km/h
  • Max Speed: 54 km/h (2700) / 45 km/h (2400)
Of course, if you are more into speed and have more $$$ in your pocket, then you can always go for the higher-level ZEV 3600 scooter. It costs US$3,845 and now you can cruise up to 81 km/h.

If you have US$8,990 to spare, then you can really get the high-speed and long-range version of ZEV 7100. It has a max speed of 121 km/h and go for 160 km per charge.

You can visit to look at other models.


  1. Who makes a quality scooter with a wide type foot board wide enough for the feet to be side by side?

  2. Electric scooters look the same as gas scooters, except for no trail of smoke.electric scooters