Friday, August 9, 2013

Crayola's New Recycle Program Turns Used Markers Into Clean Fuel

Crayola recently announced a program called ColorCycle that uses a process to convert markers to energy - a process that repurposes the entire marker, regardless of the different kinds of plastic or how they are assembled.  You can learn more about this process at

Partnering with U.S.A. K12 schools, the program provides students the opportunity to recycle used markers through an in-school collection program. Combining with a “unique technology” the markers are then be converted into a usable clean fuel.

From the program, Crayola aims: 

As part of the “COLORCYCLE” program, Crayola developed a unique offering of classroom lesson plans that have been designed to help teachers educate their students on the important role sustainability plays in the world. The lesson plans engage students in environmental solutions, teaching them how to protect the planet in new and relevant ways, while also encouraging them to take environmental responsibility into their own hands.

What can be accomplished from the recycled markers?

- One box of 8 recycled markers creates enough energy to prepare a breakfast that consists of brewing a pot of coffee, frying an egg, and making two pieces of toast.

- 81 markers produces 1 liter of fuel.

- 40 markers is enough to produce fuel to move a city bus for 1 km.

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