Monday, August 12, 2013

U.S.A. Solar Power Plants Land-Use

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, U.S.A., published a report presenting the total and direct land-use results for various solar technologies and system configurations, on both a capacity and an electricity-generation basis. The total area corresponds to all land enclosed by the site boundary. The direct area comprises land directly occupied by solar arrays, access roads, substations, service buildings, and other infrastructure.

The table below summarizes the land-use results.

The first category shows solar photovoltaic plants of capacity less than 20MW, with various mounting structure. "Fixed" means the solar arrays are fixed on the ground. 1-axis and 2-axis mean the solar arrays will rotate with respect to the Sun to maximize receiving sunlight. CPV means concentrating photovoltaic which has some kinds of concentrating mechanism, like parabolic disc or lens to focus the sunlight for increasing receiving sun power.

Second category shows plants of capacity greater than 20MW.

Third category is concentrating solar power plants, including solar thermal plants, Stirling device, through, etc, which utilizing solar thermal energy to generate electricity (non-direct electricity generation).

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