Tuesday, August 6, 2013

eSpyder - Electric Airplane Costs Under US$40K

Greenwing International, California, has just released pricing for its latest all-electric airplane, eSpyder.  For just US$39,990, the price of a Honda Civic sedan in Malaysia, you can be the owner of a plane.

eSpyder measured 2.4m high, 5.9m long, with wingspan of 10.13m and weighted 186 kg. It is equipped with a 32 hp electric motor which can propel it to a maximum air speed of 109 km/h. When flying at "economy cruise" mode, for peak efficiency, you can cruise eSPyder at 60 km/h, with about 90 minutes of flying time. It takes 2 to 3 hours to recharge the batteries. You need a 100m runway for take off and landing.

eSpyder has already been certified by German aviation authorities, but yet to be certified in U.S.A. As such, the eSpyder will be offered as a kit-built plane, initially. The company hopes to offer it as a completed light sport aircraft soon.

You can visit Greenwing for more information.

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