Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lab Grown Burger Meat

Scientists have been experimenting to "manufacture" burger in the lab. This is because 18% of greenhouse gases are coming from livestock production, and the widely use of antibiotics in livestock production also causing antibiotic-resistance. Dr. Mark Post, professor at the Netherlands’ Maastricht University, spent 7 years in researching in-vitro, lab-grown, burger meat. Now, along with Chicago food writer Josh Schonwald and researcher Hanni RĂ¼tzler, they tried the world’s first stem-cell grown burger produced by Post. Using the muscle cells scraped from a cow, Post's team grew 20,000 strands of tissue in a nutrient-rich solution with antibiotics and fetal calf blood, then mashed those strands together into a five-ounce burger patty. Researchers added beet juice and saffron to bring out a more “natural” color.

“It had a very sort of bland, neutral flavor. I think the thing that made it most similar was the texture,” Schonwald said after trying the pan-fried burger. “I was impressed with the bite.”

Post’s burger arrives at a time when demand for meat from India and China is skyrocketing, as are technological hacks to a complex and sickened agricultural system. But, it might take another 10 years for the technology to fully mature and can be made a consumer product out of it.

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