Friday, November 23, 2012

Apple's New "Spaceship" Headquarters

Apples' new 4-story headquarter will be built on a 176 acres land in Cupertino, California, and shaped like a round "spaceship". It was designed by Foster & Partners, and first presented by Steve Jobs to the Cupertino City Council back in 2011, few months before he passed away. The estimated building cost is US$500 million.

  • 2.8 million square feet of space
  • Accommodate 14,200 employees
  • 1,000 seat auditorium
  • Gym
  • 300,000 square feet of R&D facilities
  • 10,500 parking spots
The original opening of the building was set to 2015. Due to a small delay in the council's development plan approval, now we are looking at around mid-2016.

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