Wednesday, November 7, 2012

U.K. KFC Is Using Unsustainable Packaing Materials


KFC is going Green! After ditching the packaging suppliers accused of using materials harvested from protected forests.
Greenpeace investigation found that some of U.K. KFC's stores are using packaging contained significant levels of mixed tropical hardwood, clearly a sign of using rainforest timber.

Recently, U.K. KFC updated its policy statement on packaging sourcing after coming under fire from Greenpeace in May for its links to companies accused of logging Indonesian rainforests. Number of these products was tracked back to Asia Pulp & Paper, one of the largest pulp and paper manufacturers in the world currently based in Singapore.

U.K. KFC has now said it will only work with suppliers that can "demonstrate sustainable forestry management throughout their supply chain and that are not actively involved in rain forest clearance."

A little info of why rainforests are important?
  1. Stabilize the world’s climate
  2. Maintain the water cycle
  3. Home many plants and animals
  4. Protect against flood, drought, and erosion
  5. Source for medicines and food
I wonder how sustainable is Malaysia KFC?

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