Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bubble Chandelier - Light Fixture Made From Used Bottles

New York City-based design and manufacture firm Souda has shared a new project called Bubble Chandelier. It is a light fixture is made with 60 two-liter soda bottles, with each piece cut and connected with aluminum rivets. The Bubble Chandelier was originally inspired by the cell-like shape of soap bubbles and will be running on CFL or LED bulb.  It’s available in clear or green color and costs ranging from US$780.0 to US$940.0.

The Bubble Chandelier is being made through a partnership with Sure We Can, a Brooklyn based non-profit organization that runs the only homeless-friendly can redemption center in the city. The plastic bottles used to create the Bubble Chandelier are post-consumer bottles, collected on the streets by homeless individuals and people who collect cans. A portion of the proceeds from each light sold will be donated directly to Sure We Can to help improve the conditions of their facility.
Would you spend US$780, or ~RM2,400, for this lamp?

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