Friday, November 30, 2012

Price Trend of German Solar Photovoltaic Installation

Up to 300 solar power system operators have taken part in a monthly poll to study the grid-connected photovoltaic system cost in Germany. The prices are net prices (Euro/kWp) for turnkey solar systems up to 100 kW. PV cost has dropped more than 60% from €4,110 in Jan. 2009 to €1,600 in Oct. 2012.

In ringgit, it is about RM6,400 per kW to install PV system in Germany. Currently, we are looking at around RM12,000 per kWp in Malaysia, which is double than Germany. It will be even more expensive in Sabah (East Malaysia). Hopefully with the implementation of SEDA, the solar installation in Malaysia would quickly come down.

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