Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Preservatives Keep Snack Fresh After 36 Years

Hostess Brands Inc., the famous US snack maker of Twinkies, has filed for bankruptcy after 82 years of operation. This action also resurfaced a 36-year-old lecture-room experiment happened in George Stevens Academy.

Back in 1976, science professor Roger Bennatti was lecturing about the prevalence of chemical preservatives in processed foods. One of the students offered a leftover Twinkie to carry out an in-class experiment impromptu. Professor Bennatti then left the Twinkie on top of an intercom box and questioned how long could the preservatives kept the snack fresh.

It was still unresolved when professor Bennatti retired in 2005. The world's oldest Twinkie was looked just about as good as new. He then put the Twinkie in a glass box and presented to the Dean of the academy.

My question is "Would you put such a processed snack into your stomach?".

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