Monday, November 19, 2012

Super Kids that Will Save The World From Adults

I was reading an article about super kids. Their imagination, creativity and bold action really amazed me. The average age of those kids were around 12 years old, with the youngest one was only 6. I will list out few to intrigue your curiosity.

(1) A 14-year-old turned his grandfather's '72 VW Beetle into an electric car.

(2) A 16-year-old identified two strains of bacteria that work together to decompose plastic bags.

(3) A 14-year-old school drop-out self-educated African boy designed and built windmill to generate electricity.

(4) A 12-year-old developed a solar cell that is 500 times more efficient than the one we have now.

(5) A 13-year-old Kenyan boy used broken LED flashlights to create a lighting system that tricks lions into thinking humans are patrolling the area to protect his family's livestock.

What were we doing when we were their age????

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