Saturday, November 24, 2012

World's Most Energy-Efficient TV

Super-Efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative first Global Efficiency Medal competition has recognized Samsung and LG for making the world most energy-efficient TVs. They have produced TVs which are 33% to 44% more energy-efficient than their competitors. The award contains 3 categories, including small, medium and large size TVs.

The program is meant to promote the production of more efficient technology, to spur innovation and encourage consumer to use better efficiency appliances.

The winners in the 3 categories are:

(1) Small-size TV (less than 29 inches): Samsung UN26EH4000F, with 22-watt consumption.

(2) Medium-size TV (29 to less than 42 inches): Samsung UE40EH5000W and UN40EH5000F, both with 44-watt consumption.

(3) Large-size TVs (42 inches and above): LG 47LM670S, with 43-watt consumption.

The LG's 47LM670S 47 inches TV also won the Global Emerging Technology category which is 59% more efficient than its peer.

For more info please visit SuperEfficient.Org.

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